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Transparency Matters

by Asher Boates on May 12, 2021

Transparency Matters

It's no longer good enough to say you care about the environment or say that you care about human rights. It is time for companies to stand up and take action by saying it is not ok to knowingly exploit our planet and our fellow human beings to make a profit. At Vaughan's it is our mission to connect our customers with products that are made with respect for our planet and all the living beings we share it with. 

What are we doing to be more transparent?

  • We disclose where all of our products are manufactured, what they are made of, and you will never have to go looking through fine print to find it. 
  • We share the tools and processes we use to run our business so that others can learn from them and also so we can learn from the communities around us how we can improve. 
  • We know there are huge environmental impacts from our products and we will explain these costs to our customers so they understand the real environmental and social costs of the products they purchase not just the price. 
  • We pay to offset the carbon emissions of all shipments we make to our customers. 
  • We will engage in open dialogues with our community and hold space for marginalized groups who are too often ignored or excluded. 

Vaughan's was created out of a need to do business in a more human way and the first step to that is to break down the corporate facade and be real compassionate members of our community.

If you have questions or concerns about any of our products or practices, or you have tips/advice on how we can be better corporate citizens please reach out to

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