5 Halifax Barbershops You Need to Check Out
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5 Halifax Barbershops You Need to Check Out

Halifax, Nova Scotia is a city that thrives on local businesses, and when it comes to grooming, there's no shortage of fantastic barbershops to choose from. These five local barbershops are the cream of the crop, offering exceptional services and a sense of community that's hard to find elsewhere. They're also closely connected to the Vaughan's family in one way or another, and we love to support our friends and give them the flowers they deserve for providing such stellar service to the HRM.

Barbers at Church's Barbershop giving haircuts

Church's Barbershop

2468 Agricola Street, Halifax

Located on the same street as our shop, Church's Barbershop has earned a stellar reputation for its attention to detail and classic cuts. They take pride in their craftsmanship, offering traditional barbering services with a modern touch. Their prices are fair and their cuts are great quality. The talented barbers at Church's are also known for their casual customer service, making every visit a comfortable and welcoming experience for any person who walks in.

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A set of red barbershop chairs in the Saint Lou's Barbershop main area

Saint Lou's Barbershop

1869 Upper Water Street, Halifax

Situated on the historic Upper Water Street in downtown Halifax, Saint Lou's Barbershop is a testament to the enduring charm of the waterfront district. The owner, Travis, is a buddy of ours and is an absolute professional through and through in the craft of barbering. He has countless glowing reviews from all of his clients, and his employees share the same attention to detail. If you want to feel like a million bucks, get great advice about how to elevate your style and even more, go visit Travis and the team at Saint Lou's.

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A team of barbers at Lucky Cat Barbershop giving haircuts

Lucky Cat Barbershop

102-49 Kings Wharf Place, Dartmouth

Our friend Neil and his crew at Lucky Cat Barbershop are an incredible bunch. The shop is filled with eclectic personality and talented professionals sure to give you a cut you'll never forget. As well, they make incredible hair and beard care products that they use on their clients during appointments, and we love them so much we asked to stock it in our store. With its punky ambiance and reservoir of skilled barbers, Lucky Cat is a must-visit for the modern gentleman.

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A barber at Oddfellows Barbershop giving a haircut

Oddfellows Barbershop

6451 Quinpool Street, Halifax

Oddfellows is often labeled as the "breeding ground" for star barbers that want to make their mark on Halifax, as many of the city's best haircutters got their start here. The shop offers a beautiful atmosphere and a dedicated work ethic that's perfect for those looking to get the perfect premium trim. Located on Quinpool near Pro Skates, these connoisseurs of men's hair will stop at nothing to make sure you get the cut you asked for. If you want to come out of your appointment glowing and feeling like a changed man, check this shop out.

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A portrait of Jeremy, the lead barber of Left Side Barbershop

Left Side Barbershop

9 Erskine Street, Dartmouth

Dartmouth's Left Side Barbershop is home to our pal Jeremy, who is dedicated to providing a tailored grooming experience with a spritz of fun. He is a great conversationalist and listener and will stop at nothing to ensure your hair looks better than it ever has before. He is able to adapt to new styles, challenging hair lengths and current trends skillfully and with a smile. If you want a personalized experience with a fresh cut and a good friend, Left Side is the place to visit.

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The quality of service and the sense of community you'll find in these establishments make them our top choices for the modern man in Halifax. Whether you're seeking a traditional cut, a contemporary style, or a touch of personal flair, these barbershops have you covered. Why not treat yourself to a top-notch grooming experience while supporting some of our most talented friends in the city?

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