The Best Places to Thrift in North End Halifax
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The Best Places to Thrift in North End Halifax

Hey fellow fashion enthusiasts! If you're itching for a thrifting adventure in the charming North End of Halifax, you're in for a treat. Forget the hustle and bustle of downtown – we've got hidden gems for you right here in our own neighborhood. Discover unique pieces, support local curators, and embrace sustainable fashion. Welcome to the Best Places to Thrift in North End Halifax!

A wide shot of the Vaughan's Vintage Collective room, filled with vintage clothing

Vaughan's Vintage Collective

2576 Agricola Street

First on the list, our very own brand new Vaughan's Vintage Collective will definitely set the tone for your thrifting journey. Nestled in the back space of Vaughan's General Store, this collective brings together the talents of local curators Metro Thrift Bus, Sadie, Habit Vintage, Esme & Evee, and Scotia Thrift. Each curator brings a unique style and attitude to their clothing collections, creating more opportunities for you to find something that feels like it already belongs to you. The selection of items in catered to both masculine and feminine styles, so anyone who comes to browse is bound to find something that catches their eye. Step into a curated haven where each piece tells a story, and you're sure to find treasures that resonate with your unique style.

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An image inside the Reiyee vintage clothing store, featuring a set of chairs and a table in the front

Reiyee Clothing

5765 May Street

For those seeking a blend of contemporary style and thrifted treasures, Reiyee Clothing is a must-visit. Brand new to the North End, this local gem offers a carefully curated selection of pre-loved garments, showcasing the intersection of fashion and sustainability. Bob's distinctive and characteristic range of graphic tees, fleeces, jackets and pants shows off his keen awareness of modern fashion. He also stocks one-of-a-kind furniture and collectibles from decades past, with a focus on clean aesthetics and maintaining the history of a brand name. Dive into racks filled with thoughtfully chosen pieces that are guaranteed to bring new life to your wardrobe.


A room with used clothing racks inside Mevyn Sustainable Apparel, with a worker talking to a customer and a microphone hanging from the top

Mevyn Sustainable Apparel

2240 Gottingen Street

Elevate your Gottingen experience with a visit to Mevyn Sustainable Apparel! Embracing the ethos of ethical fashion, Mevyn offers a range of secondhand clothing that aligns with your values and current fashion choices. Their focus is on unisex articles that any person can feel comfortable and fashionable in. Like our own values at Vaughan's, they want to drive the narrative of timeless styles, reviving pieces from old wardrobes and proving they still have relevancy in the current day. Explore the racks and discover how fashion can be both conscious and stylish, proving that sustainability and sophistication go hand in hand.


The floor of Lost & Found, with clothing racks scattered around the area and the cash in the middle

Lost & Found

2383 Agricola Street

If you're on the lookout for hidden treasures and unique finds, Lost & Found is a go-to spot in the North End. This eclectic thrift store boasts an ever-changing inventory, ensuring every visit is a new adventure. Their small but mighty collection reflects new trends from old items and the store emits an energy like no other. The atmosphere is wonderful to browse in and the staff is accommodating to whatever questions you may have about the items they carry. From vintage gems to contemporary classics, Lost & Found has a phenomenal selection for every fine style seeker.


So, there you have it – a curated guide to the best thrift stores in North End Halifax. Whether you're a seasoned thrift shopper or a newcomer to the world of sustainable fashion, these local spots are sure to captivate your style sensibilities. Join us in supporting the vibrant community of thrifters and curators right in our own backyard. Happy thrifting!

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