The Best Sustainable Fabrics for Staying Warm
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The Best Sustainable Fabrics for Staying Warm

As the frost approaches, it's as essential as getting your winter tires on to ensure your winter wardrobe is warm. Not just warm and cozy, but also sustainable and in line with your values as an eco-conscious shopper. We understand that friends like you want a perfect blend of fashion, warmth, and eco-friendliness in your fabrics. Let's dive into this guide of the best sustainable materials on the market for those who wants to stay cozy and stylish throughout winter.

A model wearing an Anian Eddie Wool outdoors


Picture this: it's a chilly winter's day, and instead of freezing your butt off, you're wrapped in the warm embrace of wool. Wool isn't just a fabric; it's a constant heat-trapping hug. Wool coats not only exude a rugged outdoor charm but also keep you toasty on the coldest of days. You may be scratching your head at this point though, because traditionally, wool isn't typically a sustainable choice. However, it is with our west-coast friends at Anián, who exclusively use recycled wool in their items. When choosing articles sourced from ethical and sustainable practices, wool pieces can provide guilt-free warmth that aligns with your values.

Recycled Synthetics

We get it. Sometimes the actual functionality of a coat is more important than its environmental impact. While synthetic materials like polyester are often a necessity for waterproofing, we also encourage you to explore outerwear options crafted from recycled plastics. There are several brands out there that prioritize the use of recycled polyester so they can make durable coats without harmful production practices. Minimize your environmental impact without compromising on warmth or style.

A man wearing a brown Anian Cashmere Toque outdoors


Gentlemen, may we present to you the epitome of luxury texture: cashmere. A good piece is sure to make you feel like you're wrapped in a blanket, as cashmere often feels fluffy or silky to the touch. However, the sacrifices made to get fresh cashmere are too extreme to justify buying an item made from brand new cashmere fabric. We've found cashmere pieces made from previously discarded fabrics sourced from ethical and responsible companies, ensuring timeless additions to your wardrobe and helping you not to support corporations that kill goats for more profits.

Organic Cotton

Who can go wrong with cotton? It's a classic all-season material that works in almost any setting. However, don't fall for brands that say they're environmentally friendly then sell you regular cotton items! Organic cotton is much better for your personal health and tends to have less drastic effects on plant life due to the absence of pesticides in its production. Cotton can provide much needed internal warmth in heavyweight shirts, sweaters, and well-crafted coats that are thick and provide a hefty level of warmth to your outfit.

A model wearing a Tentree Hemp Henley Longsleeve walking up a staircase


Don't overlook hemp, the OG in eco-friendly clothing. Hemp pieces, reminiscent of cotton or wool, can be perfect for both cold and warm weather. Fast-growing and low-impact, hemp is a great substitute for interior layers. If you're still wondering how hemp comes into the "staying warm" equation, check out our selection of durable and reusable hemp clothing that may give you some inspiration.

Sustainable Brands for the Win

At Vaughan's General Store, we take pride in curating sustainable brands that share your commitment to the environment. We stock brands such as Anián, which uses post-consumer recycled wool, cashmere and cotton to make cozy coats and shirts, and Tentree, which uses hemp, recycled polyester and ethical down in their winter items.

Eco-friendly warm clothing is not just a choice; it's a statement. Shop confidently this winter and let each piece tell a story of sustainability, warmth, and enduring style. Your winter wardrobe awaits—what will be your favorite eco-friendly material this season?

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