Your Guide to Artisanal Accessories from Atlantic Canadian Designers
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Your Guide to Artisanal Accessories from Atlantic Canadian Designers

Great accessories and giftware can make all the difference, no matter who you are. As well as being huge fans of small but mighty gifts, we here at Vaughan's want to promote local businesses and friends as much as we can. It's not only avoidant of those silly corporations that rip off smaller creators with their products, but you can also form genuine relationships with these local makers and feel emotion attached to their work. We've created some valuable relationships with some Maritime artists, so it's time we put you onto some of the greatest makers in the scene and why they're deserving of your time and money.

Norm, the owner of Norm's Niche, sitting at a vendor table at a market with her earrings, bracelets and necklaces on display

Norm's Niche

Norm is a 23 year old Lebanese-Canadian that specializes in hypoallergenic jewelry. Her driving inspiration is her interest in crystals and gems that creates the ideas for the pieces she creates. Her earrings, necklaces and bracelets are enchanting and well-crafted, and she herself is a sweet and kind soul worth meeting. Her products are available through her website, and you can find her at several local markets and pop-ups.

A collection of expression-based silver rings created by Floki Kennedy of ITF Design

ITF Design

ITF Design brings a community aspect to the world of silversmithing. Floki, the creator of the brand, is originally an estate jewelry reseller, but wanted to start to make something that was more individual and representative of his passions. This created his infamous line of expression-based face rings that he creates from start to finish. Each face is completely unique to you and is intended to represent your inner self in ring form. Floki's products are available at pop-up markets around the Halifax area.

A red bucket hat made from a Columbia PFG jacket created by Yew Supply Co.

Yew Supply Co.

Dan, aka Yew Supply Co, is a man with a plan to achieve maximum steez. Dan is incredibly well-versed and talented in the art of hats, and has put his efforts to a good cause. All his hats are crafted from upcycled materials and each possess a quaint yew-niquenes about them. By repurposing elements on the garment such as buttons, zippers and patches, and using quality adjustable straps, the hats just feel next-level. You can order Dan's hats online through his website as well as select items available in-store at Vaughan's.

Kyle MacPhee trimming leather in his workstation at Phee's Original Goods

Phee's Original Goods

Phee's Original Goods is a Cape Breton gem well-known for their heirloom leather and canvas goods. Their bags, wallets, belts and keychains are handcrafted with precision and care, using high-quality materials from premium leather and duck canvas sources. Each piece tells a story of craftsmanship and durability, making them the perfect addition to your everyday essentials. Items can be purchased online through the Phee's website as well as select items available in-store and online at Vaughan's.

Lisa from Lisa's Garden standing looking at pink flowers in a garden

Lisa's Garden

Lisa's Garden brings the beauty of nature to accessories. Lisa is from a small town in Japan and moved to Halifax two years ago. She is an expert earring maker with colours and shapes fueled by floral and botanical design. You can truly feel the love and care in the items she produces. Her items are available online through her website, at Wired Monk and Wise SandWish, and at local pop-ups around Halifax.

Jana of Mostly Beer Prints holding up a painted wood carving resembling an Oland's beer can

Mostly Beer Prints

For those who appreciate both art and beer, Mostly Beer Prints is the full package. Jana offers a unique selection of carved wood paintings featuring designs of beer cans, food packages, flowers and more. Her art style is welcoming with a distinct authenticity and handcrafted charm to her designs. Hang one of these pieces in your home, and you'll always have a reminder of the brews you love! Jana's work is available on her website, and she also does small scale custom work upon request.

A foldable card by Bardbardbard with an illustration of the Lunenburg coastline


You've probably seen pop-up cards before, but the ones that Brad of Bardbardbard makes are a step up from your everyday novelty card. These cards are hand drawn with a light, intricate art style that feels right out of a children's storybook. Brad loves to introduce depth and movement into his designs, and each card he creates is rooted in Nova Scotian culture and landmarks. His cards are available on his website, as well as physically and digitally at Jennifer's of Nova Scotia and Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique.

Medusa Metric creator Beth standing behind her merchant table outside a house

Medusa Metric

Medusa Metric is the go-to for those who love bold and whimsical accessories rooted in feminism and self-care. Their collection includes earrings, pins, stickers, keychains and more that add some attitude to your daily life. Beth, the creator of the brand, is a wonderful human with lots of passion for her creative dreams, and also maintains a blog where she advocates for issues and topics she feels the need for us to talk about. You can find Medusa Matric products online at her site as well as in-person at pop-up markets around Halifax.

Emily, owner of Yorabode, trimming branches from a tree for her candle blend


If you've been looking for a more natural smelling candle rooted in the elements, look no further then Yorabode. Created in St. John's, Newfoundland, Emily started formulating candles that were less artificially fragrant due to her environmental allergies and asthma. Her candle blends are the product of mixing locally sourced flora and essential oils from plants and trees, and they emit wonderfully grounding aromas that connect you with nature. Her products are available at the Yorabode website as well as in-store and online at Vaughan's.

Candlemakers from Fire & Desire Candle Co. hugging for the picture behind a table display of their candles

Fire & Desire Candle Co.

A recent discovery of ours, Fire & Desire Candle Co. is a Halifax-based coconut wax candle maker. All their candles are hand-poured in small batches and are organic, vegan and cruelty free. They claim to have scents that will put a smile on your face, and they aren't wrong. Their essential oil mixtures are outstanding smells packed with personality and finesse. Check out their website to browse their selection, plus they often do market appearances around Halifax.

A floral patterned fanny pack created from recycled drapes by Mystic Mint

Mystic Mint

Mystic Mint is the brainchild of Kitty Mercury, with a priority of normalizing slow fashion and upcycling culture. Kitty creates a vast selection of items spanning from fanny packs and bags to vegan leather necklaces and harnesses. Her products are most prominent for music festival enjoyers and people that love entrancing materials repurposed in creative ways. Her products are for sale on her website and in-person at markets and festivals in the Halifax area.

These Atlantic Canada designers and their uniquely elegant accessories are a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship found in our region. When you choose to support these local creators, you not only acquire beautiful pieces but also become a part of our community's commitment to quality and artistry. Explore their collections and discover the perfect accessories that speak to you!

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