ANIAN - One of our biggest inspirations in this space, ANIAN specializes in creating timeless performance shirts out of recycled wool and cotton. Everyone Canadian should own a Modern Melton and we're excited to help make that happen. 🇨🇦

BN3TH - I started wearing B3NTH before I was ever thinking about how my clothing was made or where it came from. They are just seriously comfortable and have tons of fun patterns. When I started my journey into the world of responsible fashion I was thrilled to find out how committed they to using materials and processes that use less energy, water and chemicals. 🇨🇦

WAWWA - Clothing that puts the planet and people before profits. We do this by utilizing organic, recycled and innovative materials alongside durable design, combined with fair manufacturing. Promoting renewable energy and championing social causes where possible. 🇬🇧

ARVIN GOODS - Arvin was created to redefine what makes a really good sock. Because socks are terrible for the environment. The average pair of socks takes 50+ gallons of fresh water to create. 85% of used textiles end up as landfill waste. So, we decided to focus on making the world’s first really good socks. Socks that look and feel good to wear, definitely. But socks that also make it easy for more humans to do good and lessen their impact on a daily basis. Because your favourite socks shouldn’t be jerks to the environment—and your favourite socks shouldn’t take away from your desire to do good. 🇺🇸

DU/ER - To ensure that the clothes we make meet the rigorous demands of the active individual, we pride ourselves in the unique way we source, weave and blend essential fibres during the development process of our six proprietary fabrics. Our prototype garments are then worn by a crew of testers who hike, bike and explore, to make sure these new goods are ready for DUERs.
We fully believe and advocate for a shift in the shopping paradigm and encourage everyone to buy clothing that looks better, does more and lasts longer. 🇨🇦 

TRU EARTH - Clothing care products that are designed to take care of our planet at the same time. Laundry strips are and dryer balls are an easy way to extend the life of our clothes while reducing the impact it has on the environment. 🇨🇦