What Is Vaughan's

      We connect brands and people who are passionate about changing the way we do business. Moving the focus away from, the trendiest cheapest items you wear once and throw away, towards high quality basics made with materials and processes designed to minimize the impact they have on the planet and people we share it with. 

    Our goal is to give our customers a no BS experience. We want you to buy our products because you feel great wearing them and you feel great about the way they were produced. We don't change styles every season and try and convince people they need a whole new wardrobe. We want to earn your trust and business for years to come, building our business as a symbiotic part of our community not a parasite. 

          We believe businesses should be built through community and not just facebook ads. Our advertising will focus on collaborations with companies and individuals that share our values so we can all succeed together. 
          We stand against all forms of oppression and will use our platform to amplify the voices of we see being oppressed and actively participate as ally's in the fight for universal human rights.