Pile of clothing at Anian factory ready to be recycled
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Anián's Circular Manufacturing Process

Anián has created a clothing creation method that is not only preventing fabric waste, but is actively reducing it through reusing salvaged materials and giving them new life. To this pioneer of reimagined sustainable fashion, waste isn't waste unless we waste it.

What is Anián?

Anián is a company based out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada that focuses on circular fashion and alternative supply chain management. They make all their clothing in Vancouver, BC, out of post-consumer waste textiles.

Since the formation of their company, Anián has held firm values and beliefs in creating a circular economy by taking the extra step in their manufacturing. On top of that, their styles and designs are influenced by fashion trends that have stood the tests of time and will continue to be useful items in anyone's wardrobe. Anyone that has tried on or owned a piece from this company knows that the product is well-made and durable enough to withstand any conditions.

So... how is it made?

There is a meticulous pathway of tasks that are completed to take discarded textiles to a brand new shirt, jacket or hat. We'll give you a little tour of what goes down in the Anián factory.


The team at Anián will seek out old garments from landfills or recycling facilities and bring them back to their factory. These salvaged garments are hand-sorted by colour, as the colours of the finished garments are dye-free. The pigment of the final product is actually based on the colours of the originally discarded garments. This process eliminates the use of harmful chemicals to get the right colours and keeps it 100% natural!


Once the textiles are sorted by their colours, they are shredded into small pieces. Gotta break them down to build them back up!


The shredded textiles are taken to a washing machine and thoroughly washed to prepare them for being taken apart even more. To make a quality shirt, you've got to make sure that the pre-owned attribute of the textile is gone!

As well, the facility reuses the water they utilize to clean the fabrics. No water waste on top of this elaborate recycling method? Insane.


Carding is an ancient mechanical process that takes a fabric and combs through it, separating and intermixing fibres to create a strong and consistent structure.


Once the fabric has been well carded, each strain is drawn out, twisted into yarn, and wound onto bobbins.


The recycled yarn is woven on large looms into long bolts of fabric.


Now that the fabric has been created, it's a similar process to any other garment creation. The material has to be thoroughly inspected first, then once it gets the go ahead, it is cut and sewn into brand new Anián clothing!

Where do I get Anián?

Anián products are available through their storefront or through Vaughan's General Store, the exclusive retailer of Anián for the maritime provinces of Canada.

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