The Benefits of TENCEL™
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The Benefits of TENCEL™

A new fabric is sweeping the nation for its eco-friendly origins and comfortable properties. TENCEL™ is a new textile solution that is commonly blended with other fabrics to create phenomenal plant-based garments. It can be found in the material compositions of many leading designers and renowned retailers, including Canadian brands DU/ER and BN3TH.

What is TENCEL™?

From their botanic origin, to the low environmental impact of production, to eventual biodegradability on disposal, TENCEL™ fibers exemplify sustainability in the textile industry. TENCEL™ fibers are produced by environmentally responsible processes from sustainably sourced wood.

TENCEL™ Lyocell

Known for their natural comfort, TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are versatile and can be combined with a wide range of textile fibers such as cotton, polyester, acrylic, wool, and silk to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of fabrics. Unique physical properties of TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers lead to their great strength, efficient moisture absorption and gentleness to skin.


TENCEL™ Modal fibers are known for being exquisitely soft and pleasant to the skin. Exhibiting high flexibility, TENCEL™ Modal fibers enhance textiles with a naturally soft quality. Offering endless design possibilities, TENCEL™ Modal fibers can be blended with other fibers to significantly improving the softness and comfort of fabrics.

The Benefits

Long-lasting softness

Garments with TENCEL™ fabrics engrained in them are guaranteed soft to the skin, and stay that way with the progression of time. While some fabrics can become scratchy and uncomfortable as they are used and washed, TENCEL™ keeps clothing consistently smooth and silky.

Color retention

TENCEL™ helps keep the true colour of the garment intact as it ages. Some fabrics will fade astronomically with a year or two of use, while TENCEL™ will fade at a much slower rate.


TENCEL™ is naturally unfavourable for bacterial growth due to its natural properties.


TENCEL™ is made out of a wood pulp, so when infused with a cotton, wool, or polyester, it reinforces the strength of the fabric and makes it harder to rip or tear. This helps with the longevity of your clothing and prevents permanent warping or stretching.


TENCEL™ has a natural ventilation property that makes sure you won't overheat while wearing it.

Fabric blending

The versatility of TENCEL™ fibers as blending partners with many other fibers can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of fabrics for numerous different applications.

Low CO2 emissions

TENCEL™ is produced in an environmentally conscious way. Their process uses renewable energy and efficient production methods to create the fibers, resulting in much lower carbon emissions.

Where can I buy TENCEL™ products?

TENCEL™ is used by pants brand DU/ER and underwear brand BN3TH, which are both available at Vaughan's General Store.

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