Summer Essentials for Every Man
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Summer Essentials for Every Man

When it comes to fashion men tend to be creatures of comfort, you want to look good, feel good and not have to think about your outfits too much. 

Having a few core pieces in your wardrobe that are all interchangeable gives you tons of outfit options that you can just throw together with little to know effort and still come out looking your best!

Here are the Vaughan's Summer Essentials:


Camp Collar Shirt

This timeless classic is just as good for a lazy day at  the beach as it is for date night at a classy restaurant. No easier summer outfit than throwing your favourite camp collar over a pair of shorts and then all you need are some accessories.

No Sweat Shorts

These shorts give you all the comfort and stretch of an athletic short with the style of a traditional cotton short. These are the perfect everyday short to wear from your morning meetings right through your golf round. The mix of organic cotton and Elastine will keep you cool and comfortable no matter where your adventures take you. 

Bathing Suit

I don't think there's a more important piece in any summer wardrobe. The right bathing suit should be light weight, dry quickly and feel just as good as an everyday short as it does in the water. We recommend a recycled nylon or polyester for your bathing suit for maximum durability and quick drying.  


The ultimate summer accessory and a great way to express your personality in any outfit. We highly recommend having a couple pairs around at all time as they will inevitably get stepped on or dropped in a body of water. 

Ball Cap

The perfect way to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your balding head, while enjoying all your favourite summer activities.

When choosing pieces, make sure you prioritize high quality materials so the product will look and feel its best for along time, choose products of complementary colour pallets so you can easily swap pieces in and out. This will allow you to create lots of different outfits from only a few pieces. 

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