5 North End Cafés You Need to Try
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5 North End Cafés You Need to Try

If you haven't explored the North End of Halifax to the fullest extent, you may be missing out on some regular spots that deserve your business. Here are 5 cafés we love and would highly recommend you try out.

The Osney

5783 Charles Street

The Osney is our closest neighboring café, and is well worth the trip down the street. Serving killer coffee, tea, and unforgettable sandwiches and sweets, this is a must-stop for us.

No, for real. Someone stop us before we give them all our money.

Café Lara

2347 Agricola Street

The vibe at Café Lara says it all. Elegant décor, lots of seating and quality service, this Agricola café is an awesome space if you're near the Commons and need a regular spot to hang out before work.

Sidekick Café

2851 Agricola Street

Sidekick is an eccentric and modern café near the Hydrostone area of the North End. They serve a mean roast and satisfying breakfast food for your early commutes. Plus, there's a record shop right next door!

Espresso 46

2867 Isleville Street

This is another North End cult favourite. In the same building as the Warehouse Market, this café has limited openings but is worth carving out time. Their hot beverages are to die for and they make some of the most well-crafted sandwiches in the city.

Creative Cup

2792 Gottingen Street

Tucked in near the corner of Gottingen and Almon, this café needs all the love it deserves. We like to proclaim this spot as panini mastery, with the most satisfying flavour combinations and a wide variety of drinks and snacks. Try out their panini of the week for a unique surprise!

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